Starting June 1st, 2020 The Cat and THe Fiddle will be reopening its doors. The following protocols will be enforced to promote the safety of our teachers and guests. Online classes will continue for those who do not wish to come to in person classes. FOr more information regarding online classes, email:



All students and teachers are required to wear masks while at The Cat and The Fiddle whether having classes indoors or on our covered porch. No entry without a mask. 

Hand Washing 
Upon arrival all teachers and students must thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) wash their hands in the sink before reporting to class.   

Physical Distancing 
Everyone in the school (teachers or students) must maintain the required 6 feet physical distancing. Tape on the floor has been added to help visualize this distance.  

No Waiting Room 
Parents or family members will not be allowed to gather in the lobby area and are required to wait in their cars during class. See information below regarding our policy for minors having private classes with a teacher. 
Extra cleaning measures will be taken to insure regular cleaning of high contact areas such as door handles, light switches etc.  

Whenever weather allows, classes will take place on the outdoor covered porch, or in classrooms with windows open to help ensure better air ventilation. 


Policy for Minors Taking Private Classes at The Cat and The Fiddle:  

1) Call in / Video In - In order to not bring more breathing bodies into the school, parents wishing to oversee a class are encouraged to observe their child's class by either calling in or video calling into the classroom from their phone as they wait in the car. Through a  phone call, parents are enabled to have just as much audio observation as if sitting in our waiting room listening. If using a video calling platform they can even observe visually while their child has a private lesson. 

2) In the Classroom - Though this raises a further risk of the same air being breathed more times, if a parent wishes to observe their child's class and is unable to utilize our call in/video in option, than one parent/guardian will be allowed to come into the classroom. Our waiting area will continue to be off limits as that could further lead to multiple families from different homes potentially contaminating each other. A parent coming into a classroom must observe the same protocols as the student and teacher: 1) Wear a face mask 2) Wash your hands before coming to class and 3) Maintain 6 feet distance. This distance is not required between child and parent, but must be maintained from student/parent to the teacher. 





THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE: A private roots music school committed to supporting musicians and helping students learn & love traditional music.

We preserve traditional music, not by putting it in a box, but by passing it around and sharing it with others.”

— Dakota Karper (Owner of The Cat and The Fiddle)

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